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Is Now the Time to Consider Plastic Pallets?

Wooden pallets are a mainstay of the storage and transportation industries, making up approximately 91% of all pallets. They have been the go-to mechanism for a long time, mainly due to their cost and their strength. Although these trusty pallets have served many companies well for years, plastic pallets are gaining momentum in the market due to their eco-friendly and reusable nature.

Industries that Value Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are the most popular type of alternative pallet, though their popularity didn’t happen overnight. They have been around since the ‘80s but saw little attention until the late ‘90s. The plastic option tends to cater more towards niche industries, with the grocery and restaurant industries being early adopters.

The pharmaceutical, electronics, and food industries all require very clean and sterile environments to remain safe, and easily-cleaned plastic pallets help facilitate this. Plastic pallets are additionally resistant to bacterial growth and infestations of rodents who love to gnaw on wood, ultimately ruining wooden structures.

Does your business fall in one of these categories? Plastic pallets will make your transportation and storage of products cleaner and safer than ever.

How Cost Plays a Role in Plastic Pallet Popularity

The cost of plastic pallets has long held them back. Standard wooden pallets cost around $10, while plastic ones are around $20 or higher. Plastic racking pallets are 50% more expensive than the traditional wooden alternative.

Although they have a higher upfront cost, the plastic option has a longer lifecycle than wooden one, making plastic pallets are more cost-effective choice in the long run. If you’re willing to pay more now and buy less pallets over time, then it’s time to consider the plastic alternative.

The Future of Plastic Pallets

The increasing amount of robotic automation in warehouses and distribution centers tends to favor plastic pallets, with cleanliness and safety also being major concerns. Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned, whereas wooden pallets are more susceptible to dirt and moisture problems, as well as eventual rotting. If your warehouse is forward-thinking and values storage cleanliness, plastic pallets is the choice for you.

Plastic Pallets are More Dependable than Wooden Ones

Plastic pallets are much stronger and more resilient to damage. They also pose fewer threats to workers and tools, with dangers such as nails, splinters, and wood chips not being present. These unmistakably wooden qualities also pose a similar threat to expensive automation equipment, which is vulnerable to the dangers of aging wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets are gaining traction in the market every day, owing mainly to their cost-effectiveness, cleanliness, and safety. The days of wooden pallets may be slowly dwindling. Want to invest or learn more about plastic pallets? Contact a member of the PTM Solutions team today!

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