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How to Keep Your Plastic Pallets Safe in Hot Weather

Plastic pallets are a robust tool for storing and transporting goods, and they require special care when the weather starts to warm up. Thankfully, plastic pallets don’t have the moisture and rotting problems that their wooden counterparts possess, but they do have needs when it comes to extreme temperatures.

Leaving plastic out in the hot sun can cause it to melt, especially if you are in a region with hot weather. Here are some basic tips for keeping your pallets safe in hot weather.

Why Do Plastic Pallets Melt?

Typically, plastic pallets are made via a process called “thermoforming” whereby a plastic sheet is heated to a high temperature and then vacuumed into a mold, eventually cooling and being refined to create the desired product and shape.

Although the melting point of thermoplastic products is convenient for molding, extreme outdoor heat can also trigger this melting point. If the temperatures surrounding the material get too high, they can begin to warp, bend, and shrink as they revert to their original shape.

The color of the product can also change, as darker colors tend to absorb heat more easily. For example, a black plastic pallet left in the midday sun could reach 120°F within a few minutes quite easily. With intense sun rays and hot ambient temperatures, you can easily have deformed pallets on your hands. Outside temperatures rising above 90°F can begin to make plastic pallets melt, especially if they’re stored outdoors in a hot and sunny area like Arizona or Texas.

Keeping Your Plastic Pallets Safe in Hot Weather

Move your items to a partially or completely shaded area that is not subject to direct sun exposure, particularly during the sun’s peak hours around midday. If you keep your plastic products or pallets in a greenhouse or high tunnel, ensure that these areas are ventilated and well-shaded, as this stops the sun from melting the plastic so easily.

Not sure whether an area is too hot for your plastic pallets to be stored?  Take a thermometer with you and measure the temperature there, though most people can usually tell instinctively. The golden rule is this: if it’s too hot for you to be comfortable somewhere, it’s probably too hot for your plastic pallets, too.

Plastic Pallet Solutions You Can Trust

Although they require special care and proper storage in the warmer months, plastic pallets are the eco-friendly, reusable product alternative to wooden pallets. At PTM Solutions, we are dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable solutions with plastic products to support your operational and marketing strategies. Our team is able to answer any questions you may have about melting plastic pallets, or if you’re interested in learning more about our solutions. Get in touch with PTM Solutions today!

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